Between the World and Me

For school I am reading this very deep book by Ta-Nehisi Coates called Between the World and Me. It is a letter to his son and it goes through many different topics throughout the book. In the beginning it comes off and very deep and it gets straight to the point and to me his point is the question, How can you be free but black in America? As a biracial woman in America we all have this sense of “black enough” and “white enough”. Although I haven’t experienced blatant racism but my mother who is fully black has. We have been followed through grocery stores, we have seen white women take their children to the other side of the sidewalk and that has become the norm. The world has forgotten that this is not okay. The police killings which are mentioned throughout the book which strike a soft spot within the society. When I was reading the book it was hard for me to read it because it seemed that he was stretching the emphasis. He seemed to be other thinking many times, maybe making up things that were not there. When speaking with another teacher and fellow classmate we all agreed that there were certain facts that as the reader would have to be accepted whether or not you wanted to. It was hard for me because I have never experience discrimination because of my race before. I didn’t want to believe that I was just like those kids who were killed by the police. I think that the overall vision of the book is one that could come off as harsh or offensive. But that is only because the topics he is talking about is one that is commonly sheltered. Americans do not want to think about the fact that the people who are supposed to protect and serve us are the ones killing the innocents. They don’t want to think that there is still racial injustices and inequalities in today’s society even when it is against the law. There are still work to be done when it comes to racial barriers. In 2007, for every 1 white person in jail there was 13.6 black people in jail in Iowa(per capa). This is a staggering statistic that really shows you that there is something wrong with our police system. I do think that there is a lot of crime that goes on that is not detected which shows another problem within the system.


One Tree Hill Part 2

Okay guys here we go again with the OTH. As you can tell I’m obsessed with it, but its just so good. So in this blog post I wanna talk about the different conflicts throughout the series. In season 1 the main conflict is Lucas being on the same basketball team as Nathan and the fear of Lucas taking the fame away from Nathan. Some other minor conflicts are that Lucas really wants to be with Peyton but she rejects him so he forms a bond with Brooke, her best friend. Well it turns out that Lucas cheats on Brooke and Peyton betrays her best friend. This part was really hard for me because I love Brooke she was one of my favorite characters. The other conflict is Naley; Nathan and Haley. They both like each other but it didn’t start off that way. Nathan was trying to use Haley to sike Lucas out and Haley was using her tutoring to make him stop messing with Lucas. It worked but they both end up falling for each other and this is hard for Lucas to accept because that is his best friend and his brother that he still doesn’t really trust.

In season 2 the main conflict is that Dan had a heart attack “because of Nathan and Haley getting married” but this is not the case. He has a hereditary heart condition that caused the heart attack. Lucas finds out that Dan really did want to be in his life but his mother Karen refused. Because of this Lucas feels as though he should take care of Dan so he lives in his house. I didn’t really like this season much because Naley wasn’t doing very well which is hard for me to watch because they are my favorites. Haley rids herself of her stage fright with the help of Chris Keller an artist how likes Haley more than the profession way. This causes some conflict with the entire group of friends and Haley leaves to go on tour with him leaving Nathan and all her friends behind.

In season 3 the main conflict is about Haley coming back and Dan trying to find out who tried to kill him by setting his car dealership on fire. He is hell bent that it is his brother Keith, but it is really his ex wife Deb. Because of this he kills his brother in a school shooting by another student. This is a conflict of interest because before this Keith and Karen were engaged to be married so this is especially hard on her.

One Tree Hill Part 1

I know I said that this blog was going to be about books and movies but how can I not talk about TV series? One Tree Hill is my absolute favorite of all time! I’ve watched every episode of all 9 seasons and I cried when it ended. Nathan and Lucas are the ultimate family goals, they have literally overcome almost everything and even when Lucas left the show in season 6 it still continued to be a great show.

I will start off this post talking about my favorite couple. Nathan and Haley or as I like to call them Naley. Nathan started off seeking Haley’s tutoring skills because he was failing but also to get back at Lucas for joining the  basketball team. Haley being the loyal friend she is said of course not she couldn’t tutor him because of how awful he was. But she realized that she could get Nathan to stop messing with Lucas if she tutored him. They end up falling for each other which was really unexpected because Haley was just tutor girl and Nathan was the big shot basketball player. They actually end up getting married at age 16 at the end of season 1!

Seasom 2 begins with Nathan and Haley living together but adjusting to being in a full blown marriage together,but still being in high school.  I tend to keep away from season 2 and the beginning of season 3 because Haley has a passion for music and singing and is very good at it but she lets fellow singer Chris Keller get under her skin and ends up kissing him and leaving Nathan to go on tour with him. This is hard for me to watch because I am such a devoted Naley supporter.

Season 3 is when Haley comes back but Nathan rejects her in all forms because he is so heart broken by her betrayal and her leaving him. It is a long road for the two of them but in the episode where Jimmy shoots up the school (which we will get to later in the posts) they finally realize how much they love each other and how much they need each other. Being so close to losing each other because Haley was in the shool during the time of the shooting and Nathan risked his life to go back in and save her just proves his love for her is undying *quick awwww moment*. We will get more into them in my next posts and conflicts and just everything tree hill is coming soon!

If you loved this post the series and all 9 seasons is on Netflix now!!


Creed Movie 2015

Creed is by far  one of my favorite movies of all time. Now I had not seen the Rocky Balboa movies before so I had no clue what to expect from this. I think that this movie is really good as a stand alone movie and doesn’t have to be included in the group of Rocky movies but has some overlap that it could be included.

Adonis Johnson is the son of late boxer Apollo Creed but he doesn’t claim his father because he never knew him because he died before he was born. He is the love child of one of Apollo’s affairs so when the widowed wife of Apollo finds Adonis in a juvenile detention center she knows she has to take him in and raise him as her own.  All he does know is that fighting/boxing is his passion. His mother is highly opposed to this because she knows the damage it can cause not only to a person but to a family. So when Adonis quits his corporate job to move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to seek out the gym that his father boxed at he finds that he doesn’t really fit in with the gym scene. He seeks out Rocky Balboa and proves to him that he is the son of Apollo but he doesn’t really want to train Adonis because he “doesn’t do that anymore”. But Adonis is relentless and he finally convinces him to train him. Adonis is now apart of the Balboa family and is treated like so but when it finds out that Rocky has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Adonis is broken in a way. He was the only male figure who he ever had and the thought of losing him terrifies him.

Adonis’s fame is growing higher and higher now that the news of him being a Creed is out and everyone wants to see if he is worthy enough to have that name. He is determined to fight the best out there and the best out there is a boxer who is undefeated. They travel all the way to Liverpool, England to be his last fighter because Rickey Conlan is facing prison time. The turning point where we all kind of know now that he is at peace with his past is when he puts Creed on the back of his boxing shorts. The match doesn’t turn out in the favor it should have but we all knew who the real winner was in the end. The ending is symbolic because Rocky is convinced to do chemotherapy and they climb up the “Rocky Steps” together. creed

Bluegrass State of Mind by Kathleen Brooks

Bluegrass State of Mind is one of those books that will make you want a country man if you already don’t. This book is really a great book with plenty of twists and unexpected turns. Hot shot lawyer McKenna or Kenna for short has just moved back to a place where no one from New York will ever find her. She is sketchy about men and has a dark past that may come back to haunt her. But all she wants is to start fresh and that means finding a new man. Long time crush William is now looking better than ever, although his ex wife Whitley is a pain Kenna is willing to look past that.

McKenna has this friend named Danielle who she knew from New York. They frequently email to make sure the other is hidden and safe. When we do finally learn about their past we find out that Kenna and Danielle witnessed a girl being gang raped by senators, lawyers and even judges. People who could ruin her life if they ever found her. Kenna and Danielle knew that they had to help this girl but they only managed to show their presence and put a target on their backs. So therefore Kenna moved to a place that her and her family used to visit as a child, a very close knit community. She gets a job as a lawyer in the town and is accepted into this tight group. There is only one problem, there have been break ins at William’s horse ranch. Everyone believes they are the work of Mo, the prince who wanted to buy Will’s ranch but Kenna has a good feeling about him and knows that he could do no such thing. She tries desperately to show the townspeople that they are wrong about him. She does this and everyone is finally at peace. Kenna and Will are finally together like they have always wanted but after she gets a letter from Chad her previous boyfriend who initiated the gang rape everything comes to a halt. Just like any romance tale they end up together with some major and minor bumps in the road.

I give this book a 3 out of 5 because of the fact that it took us a long time to really get into the story and find out the background of what was causing Kenna so much pain inside of her. The timing fit well together when it was all said and done but I felt like it was kind of drawn out.

Sojourner By Maria Rachel Hooley

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

This story is one of my favorites, now if you read my blog I say that a lot but this time I mean it. This story is one that I couldn’t put down, I was so addicted to it that I had it a paper copy, on my IPhone, on my Kindle and I had it on my friend’s phone just in case I lose it. Now that seems a little extreme but this book really captured my attention. There are so many twists and turns that you just want to know what will happen next.

Elizabeth or Lizzie which is what she is normally referred to throughout the book is a girl who has lost both of her parents and is living back in her hometown with her “Uncle” Jimmie. Both of her parents have died and is technically an orphan. She has this recurring dream where she dies and I liked this in the story because in many books there are always something happy in a dream, to have a dream where you wake up in a cold sweat and disoriented is so rare because they aren’t talked about because they are so personal. In her dream she dies or and over again and there is this boy that always comes to her right before she dies, he never saves her just watches her die. By the end of the dream she has so recollection of it which is kind of confusing because how do you know that the dream is recurring if you cannot remember it? I think that this is the point where I got hooked with the story, I know had a connection with Lizzie because I rarely ever remember my dreams but they sometimes come to back to me with flashes.

Lizzie goes through ups and downs with this boy and we come to find out why he is so significant to her. In the end tragedy falls and a surprising twist comes about. This story does a sequels to it so stay in tune with it. The author does a fantastic job of keeping the reader interested. I give this book a 5 out of 5 obviously since I am so obsessed with it as you can tell. She also has other books but they do not follow the same story line of this one. My one criticism of this author is that she kind of draws out the ending, it isn’t in a bad way. As a reader you just want to skip to the end and find out, you wish the end would come sooner but then again you really don’t.’


Wattpad App

Now I know that some of you guys have a hard time finding just the right book that makes you stay up late at night with a flash light to read. The app called Wattpad is exactlwattpady what you need! The app is a bunch of stories written by regular people not authors although some books do get published from the popularity of the book. You can even write a book if you want. The stories are really just whatever you want to read ranging from fan fictions to horror novels. You could even continue a TV Series and write an ending for it. I personally have a slight obsession with werewolf stories. That is the great thing about this app it gives you a chance to really find your creative side whether it be by writing or just reading.

The setup of Wattpad is very different than most reading apps. The authors write the stories in chapters obviously but they are updated. Which means that you have to wait for the author to update which can get very frustrating when you are just so into a book and you want the next chapter immediately. The good part about Wattpad is that you can communicate directly with the author whether it be by direct message or commenting on the specific chapter you like. Along with commenting you can also like/favorite the chapter which some authors require in order to update the next chapter. If you want to keep the books you have started you can store them in your library, once you have finished the books you can store them in your archives to read again if you want.

The Watty Awards are like today’s Academy awards. They rank the books in each genre as the best. How they rank them is a collection of how many readers, likes, shares and comments you have. The majority of the Watty winners go on to be published authors.

The grammar, punctuation and just full out flow of the books can vary among which ones you read because of the fact that anyone can write. Sometimes this becomes an issue because we are conditioned to have books that are already edited and flaw free. These books are not that, you will find errors frequently. You can normally tell the level of skill by how the synopsis is written. That is usually a good indicator how well of a writer the author is.

Goosebumps Movie 2015

The movie Goosebumps was directed by Rob LetGoosebumpsterman and I have to say he did an amazing job with this. I took my siblings to see this on Halloween night, it did a great job upholding the spooky feel of the books. The main character Zach Cooper played by Dylan Minnette is moving to a new town because his mother decided they needed a change of scenery since the death of his father. Zach being the new kid is trying to get know his very pretty neighbor, Hannah played by Odeya Rush. Hannah is not allowed to come outside or go to school because she is being home schooled by her very strict and overprotective father. Zach has this sort of obsession with Hannah and called the police on her father multiple times he thought he was abusing her. On night Zach and his friend Champ played by Ryan Lee, prank call him to go into the police station so they can break into the house and speak to Hannah. While in the house they find a bunch of books with locks on them. Being the nosy boys they are, they unlock a book and Hannah screams at them to not open it but its too late. The abominable snowman is ginormous and killer. From here we find out that Hannah’s dad is R.L. Stine and all the locked books are the unpublished Goosebumps books.The chain kinda goes on from there, they capture the snowman and this little ventriloquist doll named Scrappy is on a mission from hell to unlock all of the creatures from the books and he does. To be able to put all the monsters away forever R.L. Stine has to write one story to end it all. Eventually we learn that R.L. Stine was so lonely because he isn’t married that is daughter is actually a character from one of this books. She is forced to be put away just like all the other monsters even though she isn’t a monster. Zach is heartbroken and R.L.Stine doesn’t want to be lonely again so he writes a book just for Hannah and she is able to stay with them

This movie was great, I loved it so much. It wasn’t too scary for the kids and it was really a good movie for kids. My rating on this is a 5 out of 5. I highly suggest if you have pre-teenage kids to go see this!


Wanted by Kelly Elliott

wanted image

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

Kelly Elliott is probably one of my favorite authors, her book are fairly long but they are worth it to read. The book goes back and forth between Gunner who is one of the main characters and Ellie who is the other main character.  Now I am going to put my criticisms here but I just want to say that this book is one of my favorites and it is like a comfort read for me. Ellie has this knack for crying, she cries a lot which for someone with the verbal abuse that she has had makes sense, but it got to a point where I wanted her to do something other than cry. Maybe still get upset but take it out in a different way, for example I would have liked for her to hit something or even someone or run away and do something outrageous. Just something to make her seem less of a cry baby. Gunner and Ellie have some unrealistic feelings towards each other that gives some false hope, yes it is fiction but I just found that having actual sparks when you touch a person for the first time be a little too much.

Gunner and Ellie are just a whirlwind romance, Ellie has some issues that with her mother that has caused some trauma into her now almost adult life. The name of the story is called “Wanted” so we kind of get the feeling that someone has a problem with being wanted or lack thereof. Gunner is in college with her older brother Jefferson (Jeff) and Ellie is in her senior year of high school about to graduate. They meet after Ellie sends a crisis text to her brother after she has a major problem at school and wants to leave early. Ellie and Gunner finally meet and they are both basically in love with each other at first sight. Ellie is taken to the hospital for a sprained hand and Gunner tries to ignore his attraction to her because of the fact that she is his best friend’s little sister. Ellie on the other hand sees this attraction and it scares her because of the verbal abuse her mother has inflicted on her. She sees his attraction as a joke and goes onto to ignore it.

Ellie has this sort of man hating mantra going on because she is a virgin and any and all guys she had been with in the past had cheated on her because of the fact that she wouldn’t give up her V card. She has these frequent flashbacks of things her mother said to her when she was younger which has stuck with her throughout her life. These flashbacks enforce her mantra because all her mother ever told her was that no one would ever love her and she would not be wanted. Now that she has met Gunner she has a hard time believing that he actually likes her which everyone knows she is the ONLY one who hasn’t figured that out yet. Gunner and Ellie go through a series of ups and downs like her being self conscious and him having family problems. We obviously know that they will end up together because happy endings are a no brainer with her writing style. I think that overall Ellie is a good character although she is in denial for some of the book but, her denial is understandable. Gunner is my favorite male throughout the series because he is just so serious and down to earth which makes his sweet little “awww” moments with Ellie all the more special to us as the reader.

The Rosemary Series(9-12) by Abbi Glines

*Warning Contains Spoilers*

The last section of the Rosemary series so far… consists of “You Were Mine”, “Kiro’s Emily”, “When I’m Gone”, and “When You’re Back”. “You Were Mine is the story of Tripp who we met in “Twisted Perfection” and Bethy who we met during the “Too Far” section of the series. “Kiro’s Emily” is the story of Harlow’s parents. We learn about Emily when we read Grant and Harlow’s story. “When I’m Gone” is about Mase Manning who is the son of Kiro(the dad of Nan and Harlow). He doesn’t come around often which is why many readers were surprised that Mrs. Glines was giving him 2 full books. “When You’re Back” is about Mase and Reese which is his counterpart in both his stories.

I was especially excited for Tripp’s story because he was just so mysterious to a lot of readers including myself. I mean he was supposed to be a lawyer then one day he decides he doesn’t want that then leaves Rosemary to almost never coming back again. His only contact with people in Rosemary was with Woods and Jace. Jace who was Bethy’s boyfriend until something catastrophic happens and will cover her in guilt forever. Bethy was always a wild child as we have seen in previous stories but when Tripp comes to town you can’t help but notice all the tension between them. We learn just how close the two of them were and how they will ever be able to get back to how they used to be.

“Kiro’s Emily” is a novella within the series and is not crucial to read to understand the story. I myself did not read it just because of the fact that I liked not knowing what exactly was wrong with Emily. I understood that Kiro was different with her because for one she is the love of his life and is the mother of his children. You get the sense that he loves her more than his children because he didn’t allow them coming to see her because if they upset her he would go off. I found this to be a bit abnormal but caring in a strange way. I almost feel bad for Harlow because it was always hard for her to see her mother in the condition she was in and then having to walk on eggshells so that she didn’t upset her.

Mase Manning is a character that I wholeheartedly loved.In his first story, “When I’m Gone” he is  a down to earth country man and didn’t like drama that came with his family so he isolated himself. He comes to visit every now and then but dreads having to stay at Nan’s house. He comes anyway but while there he meet her maid named Reese. He comes to be her knight in shining cowboy boots when he comes to her rescue after she causes a huge mess at Nan’s house. Reese has a past just like we all do but her past is a little more colorful than most and I don’t mean that in a good way. He wants to know more about her but he reluctance only makes him like her more.

Reese and Mase are finally in the happy princess-like relationship we all hoped for. When Reese goes to visit her family in Chicago, Mase spends his time with his “cousin” Aida. They grew up together and are practically family. When Reese comes home she begins to see that Aida loves Mase in more than a cousin-friendly type way. Mase doesn’t see this and thinks she is just being paranoid. This issue causes a riff between the two and they begin to drift apart. Reese must fight for her relationship if she wants it to survive.